The Sports Council is an umbrella organisation for all student sports club (SSC) members affiliated to the USS Mesa Cosa foundation. The Sports Council also works in the interests of students who are not SSC members but who make use of the USS Mesa Cosa’s sports programmes, activities and facilities, and therefore have an OlymPas. This is the pass needed to use the Sportcentrum Olympos. The aim of the Sports Council is to encourage student sport in Utrecht and to look after the interests of the SSCs and individual student sportspeople. The Sports Council supports its target group where necessary and whenever possible. This is reflected primarily in mediation between SSCs and organisations, such as Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences, the City of Utrecht and USS Mesa Cosa. We also give student sport subsidies.

A total of 30 clubs are affiliated to the Sports Council. They are:

  • US Beat It (squash)
  • UIJSV Buccaneers (ice hockey)
  • USWV De Domrenner (cycling)
  • USKV Hebbes (korfball)
  • SB Helios (badminton)
  • USR Hippeia (horse riding)
  • US Histos (sailing)
  • H.V. Beertje (handball)
  • USFV Jungle-Speed (floorball)
  • SKVU Obelix (strength sports)
  • USVV Odysseus’91 (football)
  • AUSR Orca (rowing)
  • USV Protos (volleyball)
  • RUS (rugby – women)
  • SBU (basketball)
  • USSV Softijs (skating)
  • SPIN (boardsports)
  • STUdance (podium dancing)
  • TC de Uithof (tennis)
  • UST Traiectum (table tennis)
  • USR Triton (rowing)
  • USDV U Dance (ballroom dancing and salsa)
  • USAC (climbing)
  • USBF (basketball)
  • USHC (hockey)
  • USRS (rugby – men)
  • U-turn (gymnastics)
  • VV Van Slag (volleyball)
  • VSRC (rugby – Veterinary Medicine)
  • USZ&WF ‘t Zinkstuk (water polo and swimming).

You can sign up to these clubs via their websites. Please note: some clubs have a September deadline for signing up and you cannot join during the rest of the year. Some clubs have a waiting list or are not open to international students, unfortunately. You can read about this on the clubs’ websites.

The Utrecht Sports Council also supports Team Utrecht. Team Utrecht is the Netherlands’ biggest student sport team. All the members of one of the student sports clubs (SSCs) which are affiliated with the Sports Council are part of Team Utrecht. The individual sportspeople who use Sportcentrum Olympos are also part of Team Utrecht. Team Utrecht shows we are a strong community standing up together for student sport. You can compare it to Team NL during the Olympic Games. Even though there are sportspeople from all kinds of disciplines, they still form a single team. And of course we sell Team Utrecht merchandise to give all this a public image! You can order a jacket or cap via:

The Sports Council organises a number of core events which are central to Utrecht student sport


  • Batavierenrace (taking part in the university competition which is part of the largest relay race in the world)
  • The Great Dutch Student Championship (GNSK)
  • Dutch Student Championships (NSKs)
  • European events (EUC/EUG)


  • Sports market and sports party during Utrecht Introduction Time
  • New Year’s activity
  • SSC boards get-together days
  • Activities with social themes, such as Pink Saturday, a RAG week activity and an activity around the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ) of the University Medical Centre Utrecht
  • Studentsport Sneakergala
  • The Golden Pass (Gouden Voorzet)

If you want to become part of Team Utrecht, for instance by participating in the Batavierenrace or the GNSK, please send an email to If you have other questions, you can always send an email to the same address.