Corona material- and accommodation subsidy

The corona material- and accommodation subsidy is intended to support associations when they cannot continue their sporting activities in their normal way during corona. The Sportraad wants to achieve this by partially reimbursing the extra equipment and accommodations that the association has to purchase and/or rent for their regular activities, up to a maximum of 200 euros per application.
The subsidy can only be applied for costs made in the season September 2020 - August 2021. Applications that have already been made in the past season for the current season cannot be applied again.

Application procedure

An application must be made in the codex by an SSV that is a member of the Sportraad Utrecht. For the approval of the application the following applies:

  • The material that is purchased must contribute to compliance with the rules set by the government and/or NOC*NSF and/or the accommodation must be demonstrably rented in connection with corona.
  • The equipment is purchased in the period from September 2020 up to and including August 2021 and/or the accommodation rental takes place in the period from September 2020 up to and including August 2021.
  • When it comes to accommodation rental, proof must be provided that the activity is no longer possible at Olympos or the regular location.
  • A correct budget/quotation is submitted.
  • A motivation for granting the application will be sent.
  • There must be a shortage in the part in the budget for material purchase and/or accommodation rental due to the corona measures
  • The activity must be a regular recurring part of the standard program of the association or a logical substitute activity.
  • The activity must involve the SSV’s own sport or a sport that supports their own sport.

The latest application date is June 30, 2021. Applications received after this date will be rejected immediately.

Procedure after the application has been approved

If the application is granted it must meet the following requirement:

  • The settlement/invoice for the purchased equipment/rental must  be sent within two weeks after the activity has taken place.