The Advisory Council was first discussed in a meeting of the Executive Board in 2008-2009. The following year (2009-2010), the new board decided to implement an Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council has been founded to ensure no knowledge is lost between different years, as is often the case with student boards. Since it is customary to sit on a board for one year, continuity is at stake. The Advisory Council is a body that has been set up in such a way that the members of this body can give solicited and unsolicited advice on all kinds of problems and daily activities. In addition, the Advisory Council keeps an eye on the broad outlines by means of light guidance and tips.

The Advisory Council meets at least bimonthly with the current board and will hold its own meeting in advance. It is not necessary for new members to join every year, but it is required that at least two people take place in this Council. Candidates for the Advisory Council have previously served as a boardmember of the Sportraad Utrecht and/or have made a useful contribution to the Sportraad.

Finally, the Advisory Council also has the task of solving problems that the student athlete(s) and the student sports association(s) have with the Sportraad. The latter can be done anonymously via one of our confidential advisers.

The Advisory Council currently consists of:

Arlieke Tammer
Julian Markus
Lisa Snooy
Luuk Minnaar
Ross Goorden
Saskia Arbon
Linda Nooren