The Utrecht Sports Council champions the interests of all student sports clubs in Utrecht as well as individual athletes affiliated with Sportcentrum Olympos. To this end, the Utrecht Sports Council works with a wide range of stakeholders, including Sportcentrum Olympos, Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht City Council and the Netherlands student sports foundation Stichting Studentensport Nederland (SSN), to highlight the interests of and issues faced by student athletes and translate them into concrete operational plans and/or solutions.

In addition, the Utrecht Sports Council awards a number of different grants to the student sports clubs with a view to promoting student sport in Utrecht.

The Sports Council also serves as a knowledge hub for student athletes in Utrecht. Through national contacts with sports councils in other cities and SSN, the Utrecht Sports Council keeps up to date with important information at national level within the relevant sport and related developments.

As well as a policy and management function, the Sports Council also has a sporting and social role. Part of its remit is to organise or participate in various events, including, for example, the Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap (GNSK – Great Dutch Student Championship), the Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschappen (NSKs, Dutch Student Championships), the Batavierenrace (student relay race), the EU Games and a number of sporting and social activities at Sportcentrum Olympos at a smaller scale. Workshops, training courses, sports activities and social events, for example.

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