Team Utrecht is based on and inspired by the American College Sports principle, where playing sport is a major part of university life and, as a result, also of students’ time at university. Students enjoy taking part in the many popular sports clubs and societies where they can meet and support each other. There are a number of different inter-university competitions, and competition is often intense. There are even major sports scholarships, which often enable students to get to the top during their time at university!


The Utrecht Sports Council is keen to use this student sports community to boost a sense of solidarity, social bonding, participation in sport and performance in Utrecht. By making it clear that we form one big team together, we can be a major player in the world of sports. This is particularly evident during the Great Netherlands Student Championship (GNSK) and the Batavierenrace student relay race. In 2011, Utrecht became the student sports city of the year when it took first place in the GNSK. In 2018, it earned that title once again when it came out on top in the six chosen Dutch Student Championships (NSKs), winning the SUSA Cup in the process!


Team Utrecht is supported by: Sportcentrum Olympos, Sportcafé Olympos, Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht City Council. Team Utrecht even supports the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (WKZ), which is one of its social partners!

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